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After working together on several projects since 2011, Willemijn Phielix (Mét Phielix) and Manon Mostert – van der Sar (Studio van der Sar) combine their forces in Mét Phielix & Sar. For example at the Media Future Week

Mét Phielix & Sar are the co-creation team for the Media Future Week (MFW). Three years in a row this dynamic duo has lifted the program to the next level! They connect and train all the facilitators during the week and help them commit to their goals. Together with Frank they created a full program with speaker sessions and co-creative moments and have kept an eye out for the co-creation processes. Willemijn and Manon are masters at controlling the energy level in the rooms, for participants and crew. Willemijn is our quality management expert. Continuously checking to see if all elements of co-creation are in place and partner expectations are managed and met. Manon is the co-creation guard, at the floor she engages participants and manages teams and speakers. Together they hosted some exciting sessions with the teams!

Besides running around at the Media Future Week they’re both quite the sportive types. Willemijn also runs around in The Hague where you might spot her running across the beach at sunset. Manon is a semi-professional volleyball player in the national topdivision so you can spot her in several sports centers across the Netherlands.

When you spot these two be sure to hand them a quick post-it joke or a high five to help kick their energy through the roof!
This is willemijn

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Willemijn Phielix (1984) is director of co-creations. Since founding her company Phielix (formerly Fliks) in 2008 she has put in place several intensive co-creation projects. Willemijn stands for quality without consessions. She is a thinker and a desicion maker.

e: hallo @ metphielix . nl
t: +31 (0)6 48 78 35 65

Manon Mostert - van der Sar (1989) is a creative catalyst. Since founding her company Studio van der Sar at 1/1/11 she has brought several companies to a next understanding of media and (co)creation. Manon stands for experimenting and doing. She is a dreamer and a doer.

e: manon @ studiovandersar . nl
t: +31 (0)6 23 40 37 17